Attention Postcard Direct Mailers - New Ride Along Program Announced

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Towne Post Network magazines are now offering a direct mail postcard "Ride Along" option for direct marketers wishing to reach our audience with their own postcard offer. We will design a custom postcard for you (5-1/2" x 8" in size), print it, and mail it along with our magazines as a stand alone piece! Since we are already paying the lion's share of postage, you get a deeply discounted postage rate far below what you can get on your own. 

postcard ride along with magazine
To qualify for the "Ride Along" program, your piece must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum quantity of 20,000 postcards
  2. Must be mailing to our existing magazine mailing lists
  3. Advertiser must also have an ad in the "Ride Along" publication(s) 
    not included in pricing below


The pricing below includes everything: Design services, printing, list rental, and postage. 

20,000-29,999 postcards $0.25 each
30,000-39,999 postcards $0.21 each
40,000+ postcards $0.18 each


Available Markets and Mailed Circulation

Broad Ripple 6,000
Carmel 10,000
Center Grove 15,000
Fishers 11,000
Geist 10,000
Greenwood 10,000
Kokomo 11,000
Noblesville 9,000
Westfield 9,000
Zionsville 8,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do all the postcards have to be the same artwork?
A: No, you can have different versions of the postcard to localize each magazine territory.


Q: Do these postcards come inside your magazines?
A: No, they actually are mailed with our magazines as free-standing pieces, separate from our magazines.


Q: Can I have extra copies printed and sent to me for internal marketing?
A: Yes, you can request overrun copies and we will price that out for you. Just keep in mind they will have maiing information on them so you won't be able to mail them on your own since they carry our mailing permit number on them.


More Information

Fill out the form below and we will have one of our direct mail consultants reach out to help you identify the right market(s) and artwork for your campaign.

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