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Towne Post Network magazines continue to pioneer their cross-platform print, digital, and social media channels with the debut of real time reach. Aggregating the analytics of web traffic, digital ad inventory, social media impressions, and even print magazine distribution, each publication now has displayed on their homepage the true reach of their publications each month.

"It's our continued push for transparency," said Tom Britt, CEO and Founder of the Towne Post Network headquartered in Fishers, Indiana. "With our launch of, the nation's first e-commerce media kit, we now are putting all of our cards on the table for a small business to consider when they are looking for hyper local promotions."

For years, print publications have touted their reach by taking their print distribution and using various multipliers to determine their readership. For instance, a copy mailed to a home would be multiplied by 3.1 assuming there are 3.1 people per household. A copy mailed to a business would be multiplied by a factor of 10 or 20 times assuming that patrons would be reading the copy in their waiting rooms. Towne Post has decided to give the true print count, regardless of who they are mailed to, and combine their month-long social and digital traffic to determine the true reach of their publications.

To view the real time analytics of any publication, visit their respective magazine page on or

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